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Illusion Painting

Deciptivly real – Illusion Art painting by Smart Art

Trompe l'oeil mural, there are not ready-made for smart art. Each new order requires a detailed discussion on the spot in order to make an image of the premises can be more responsive to the wishes of the client.

The second step consists of a detailed colored perspective - draft, which is being developed by smartart as the intermediate result of the discussions, impressions and photos.

A little history of the trompe l'oeil:
The invention of perspective in the Renaissance marks a milestone in the development of pictorial representation in the visual arts and, accordingly, in the picturesque wall design.

With the Renaissance there has also been a boom in the wall painting, starting in Italy. Even today we can admire many totally are painted villas in Veneto, Tuscany or Sicily. The scenic design was the same as planned during the construction of the houses. The walls were plastered and only provided without decorative elements, at best, there were elements of stucco on the ceiling, which were involved in the painting of the wall. In general, all stucco has been shown in the picturesque architectural painting.

At this stage, the present illusion painting enters the art scene. The roots go back to the experience of the wall paintings in the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo. They were developed in line with today's realities and come in particularly in swimming pools, bathrooms and also in the rest of the living area for use. So we come full circle and it is now only in the championship of the artist to create a timeless work of art in the swimming pool painting to the delight of the client.

The wall and illusion paintings by smart art distinguished by the masterful implementation, collected over time insights into perspectives and proportions from. So we created a fascinating spatial illusion on simple walls.

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