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Design painting

Perfect Design painting in all dimensions for aircraft, cars and a wide range of objects

What can we PAINT for you?
  • Design painting at all sorts of substrates and forms
  • Design painting of cars, trucks, buses, vans, boats, planes, ...
  • Special coating of moldings, panels, etc. in the stand construction, architecture, engineering, ...
  • Special coatings of all kinds on request
  • Subsequent mixing of colors according to sample, for which formulas are also available in different paint qualities.


Smart art is your contact for fancy finishes. We paint and make airbrush work and design painting on all substrates in professional quality. Thereby our focus on all extraordinary things. Normal automotive coatings or industrial coatings we do not offer.

For larger orders, we are serving our customers around the world. For inquiries of bodyshops we come as, Special Forces' on schedule, to work on site with our clients. All we need is a place to work. The rest we have here.

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Our field begins where the competence of conventional craft and design problems to an end. We see ourselves, among others, as a partner of the crafts. This applies to car painting, as well as painter and decorator or industrial painters, as well as for aircraft paint shops and yacht builders.

In the car / truck range, we manufacturing show paint finishes and advertising. In yacht finishes and private jets focusing primarily on graphic design painting while more advertising finishes and CI-compliant coatings are in demand in the range airliner.

Perfect gradient paintings in larger dimensions are a specialty of smart art and have been implemented for the first time by us in the Aviation. To paint gradients is an easily underestimated challenge as special paint. This is especially true for large dimensions.

If you are looking for a partner with a broad range of experience for your extraordinary design painting, then you are in smart art to the right place. We are familiar with large dimensions and special projects. Our team has proven not only in domestic Dortmund, but around the globe, creativity, reliability and flexibility.

Smart art is a B2B provider primarily and mainly works with agencies and corporate clients.

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