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smart art - the team led by Martin Dippel is the best resource for unusual painting-/ varnishing ideas and wall designs on a professional level.

Over 20 years experience in the field airbrush design and mural painting are our capital - and we want to make available to you.
A competent partner network is the guarantor for the professional development of more complex projects in top quality.

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flexibility and mobility

You are a painting or decorating company and looking for a design specialist? We come to you, and analysis on you will appreciate on-site at the execution of your order. You provide us only employment available, everything else we have here.

At the completion of mural painting and design contracts, we are at your service worldwide.

We keep our working hours very flexible and can guarantee such a timely completion of your project.

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Our experience - your advantage

An important prerequisite for a smooth running project is an accurate planning. Take our advice. Design, timing and materials should be tailored to your needs.

The result of an airbrush painting or a wall painting does not begin with the first splashes of color. Taking into account your specific priorities, in terms of quality, time and financial framework, we help you to define their requirements and expectations clear.

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